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    [ what's going on in Madu x Ubud this month ]

    The Happiest Hours in Ubud

    Cheers to this!


    There’s always something good goin’ on at @milkandmadu x UBUD!


    The Happiest Hours happening from 5 to 7 pm EVERYDAY.


    Get 2 for the price of 1 with all our specially curated cocktails soon

    as the sun comes down.

    Sharing our exquisite @watercressbali cocktails with the ‘Bud Hood for us to enjoy!


    Created by Absolut Ambassador for North America and our very good friend @jacobsweetapple.


    This yummy menu is a sure winner!


    Cheap Tuesdays x Ubud

    It's PIZZA NIGHT every Tuesday and Sunday at MADU x Ubud !


    Enjoy 2 for 1 PIZZAS and live music all night!


    Order 1 LARGE pizza and get another -- FREE. Yes, really.

    So bring the kids and the whole crew!

    From 5 pm onwards get the best deal at Madu!


    Featuring acoustic music with this cool lineup playing live from 6 to 9 pm!


    Tuesday nights featuring


    Sunday evenings with



    FYI, it's for DINE IN only

    Not applicable to Go Jek or takeaway 😉

  • // all about madu

    [ we're all a little food crazy ]


    hey, honey did we mention you get to enjoy this all day?

    brunch available between 7 am 'til 4 pm


    Breakfast is more than just another meal, it's the kick starter

    to your day.

    It usually starts with the best coffee.

    We use our very own Beans by The Brotherhood.

    100% Arabica using Ethiopian and Columbian blends. Truly beautiful.

    Follow that up with freshly made croissants, healthy fruit and veggie juice blends then delicious golden eggs done your way.

    Here at Milk & Madu we take it a step further, we get creative for all the right reasons. Going through the menu is fun but choosing will prove to be a challenge. Everything is fantastic.

    Try our famous Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes with butter and chantilly cream. Or perhaps you might like our Huevos Rancheros skillet eggs with crispy bacon and proper Mexican flavors, peppers, spices and grilled sourdough. Craving yet?

    Our classic Eggs Benny and The Madu are still signature faves so opt for those and get a heavenly morning for sure.

    Breakfast in Ubud just got a whole lot better!

    Love love love it!

    Lunch Break

    instagram is down so describe your lunch to me. kidding. not really.

    hurry up with that flatlay. let's eat it already.


    We're not re-inventing the wheel here, just making all your favorites,

    really really well.


    Let us paint a delicious picture for you.


    Brioche Burgers with Aussie beef and everything on it or Crispy Southern Fried Chicken and house slaw. Supersized flavorful lamb, chicken pesto or falafel wraps.


    Why not some lush colorful Mexican salad or the intoxicating Poké bowl with fresh line-caught tuna?


    Not counting our amazing showcase with ready-to-go sandwiches and salads too.



    There's something for everybody and always delicious a reason to return.

    Beans by the Brotherhood



    To say we take our coffee seriously would be a total understatement.

    We hand carried our latte glasses from Australia because it has to be perfect and right.


    This house blend is 100% Arabica from Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia and Uganda. Our very own. Our medium roast perfectly balances bittersweet chocolate, bright acidity and lingering caramel notes.

    Most importantly, we always pour a double ristretto.


    A single shot of coffee passing through a double hit of coffee grind.

    That means you get pure golden crèma goodness which makes for the best coffee - full of oils, aroma, richness and taste that a single shot just won't give you.


    All this coffee snobbery is pulled through our gorgeous retro

    Marzocco in the hands of our expert baristas.

    Obsessed? Well, only a little.



    We welcome you to linger over a perfect cup or swing by for a quick coffee-to-go. Sip it hot or enjoy over ice.

    Let's Do Dinner

    we love sharing and trying a bit of everything



    Legendary for making super breakfasts and monster burgers for lunch, wait 'til you see what we've come up with for dinner.

    It's about creating phenomenal dishes with a strong Australian soul.


    The Madu x Malam experience is all about

    good food and great moments.

    With choices from excellent starters to satisfying mains, evenings are meant to be enjoyed in a casual setting. We want our guests to enjoy something different as well as their favourite pizzas at the same time.

    Our menu really compliments the pizza offering and

    our smaller plates are the perfect lighter option.


    The menu doesn't fail to deliver quality and creativity.

    A lot of texture, variety and complexity to inspire you.

    Ingredients are sourced locally and abroad for fresh produce to create dishes that are as much about balance

    as they are about the complex contrast of flavours.


    Most of all, it's about sharing the moment together

    and having the best time always.

    Don't forget the pizza!

    our lava stone pizzas are simply the best


    Our gourmet pizzas are famous for good reason.

    Our philosophy is pretty easy.


    We love good food and love to share those great experiences with people.

    We source produce that’s organic, in season and always fresh.

    We're always in pursuit of quality and flavour so what you see is what you get.

    Amazing ingredients and tastes you love.


    You see that in the different selections we have.

    There's something for everyone and we want everyone to enjoy it here.

    When you bite into one of our mouth-watering pizzas, you can taste the love that goes in it.


    In the end, it’s all about good food, good times and good friends.


    That's what Madu and The Good Food Brotherhood is all about.

    Have your cake and eat it too

    there's nothing in life cake can't fix


    Make room.

    At Milk & Madu, it's OK to skip lunch and go straight to dessert.

    Want cake for breakfast?

    Go for it.

    In fact, we encourage it.

    And why wouldn't we?


    With our huge selection of sumptuous homemade cakes, cookies and pastries to choose from, it will make a sweet tooth blush.


    You won't be able to resist.


    Go ahead and indulge a little.

    Or a lot.

    We're not judging.


    We suggest some take away for later too.

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  • // about

    Casual Cafe for Busy Bees.

    From amazing all-day breakfasts, sumptuous lunches and delectable dinners

    this is the place to be.


    Milk & Madu is known for great food and good vibes.

    Enjoy the best coffee on the island matched with delicious desserts.

    The freshest smoothies, luscious salad, wraps, burgers and more.


    Did we mention the pizza?


    Lava stone baked with fantastic toppings to crave for.

    Made with the best quality ingredients only to give you

    the most memorable cafe experience in Bali.


    Located in relaxing clean, green bustling neighborhood

    where ricefields, temples and flowers bloom.


    Welcome to Milk & Madu x UBUD!

  • // where are we?

    [ how to get there ]

    3 Jalan Sweta, Kabupaten Gianyar, Ubud 80571
    Open Daily
    730 am to 10 pm
    +62 812-3673-6733
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